1. Download speed: downloading the complete Understanding Geology package may take up to 1-2 hours on average machines, but much faster (a matter of minutes) on more powerful systems. The download will run in the background. The down load is to a compressed file, that will need to be decompressed in the normal way by the customer. It is best that the decompressed folders and files are copied and pasted into a meaningfully labelled folder, such as “Understanding Geology”, on your hard drive and then run from there.
  2. PowerPoint not loaded. If PowerPoint is not loaded onto your computer, the PowerPoint files (most of the files), will not run. Either purchase and load a copy of PowerPoint (from Microsoft Office ), or load “PowerPoint Viewer” if you are using a PC, or “Keynote” if you are running a Mac, both free of charge from the internet.
  3. More recent versions and updates of “Understanding Geology” can be downloaded, by registered customers, at no extra cost, at any time by activating the download button from the web site.
  4. Security Alert” notices may appear when opening some chapters that access video clips from the internet. This is normal and it is safe to Click O’k and continue.
  5. Other problems: contact the author from the email contact facilities accessible from the web page.
  6. Introductory Comments section Chapter 0. Explains how to get the best from your copy of Understanding Geology.