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Included in the PowerPoint download are 40 presentations, complete with audio and 20 prospector appendices (most also with audio). These sixty digital chapter/presentations essentially constitute three books in one.

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With some practice and application, the reader will soon become relatively geologically literate and able to discuss, and successfully apply and make use of all of the considerable theoretical and practical content.

Table of Contents


  1. Philosophical Basis of Geology
  2. Rock Forming Minerals
  3. Rocks Introduction
  4. Igneous Rocks
  5. Igneous Processes
  6. Sedimentary Rocks & Processes
  7. Metamorphic Rocks & Processes
  8. Weathering Soil & the Regolith
  9. Time & Laws of Stratigraphy
  10. Stratigraphy & Which Way is Up
  11. Horizontal,Tilted, Folded, Faulted Rocks & Unconformities
  12. Geological Maps & Histories
  13. Earth’s Internal Structure
  14. Gross Features of the Earth
  15. Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics
  16. Origin & Evolution of Life
  17. Hydrology
  18. The Geology of Water
  19. The Geology of the Atmosphere
  20. The Solar System

Mineral Exploration & Mining

  1. 21Element Distribution & Ore Minerals
  2. 22Magmatic Mineral Deposits
  3. 23Sedimentary Ore Deposits
  4. 24Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
  5. 25Orogenic Gold Deposits
  6. 26Fossil Fuels
  7. 27Project Generation
  8. 28Drainage Surveys
  9. 29Soil Surveys
  10. 30Exploration Geophysics
  11. 31Sampling & Ore Reserves
  12. 32Drilling & Drill Core Logging
  13. 33Rock Mechanics & Engineering Geology
  14. 34Remote Sensing & Photo Geology
  15. 35Computers in Geology
  16. 36QC & QA Problems & Practice
  17. 37Analytical Methods
  18. 38Gold in the dish to Gold Grades
  19. 39Zipf’s Law & Mineral Endowments
  20. 40Earth Climate Past, Present, & Future

The Appendices provide a range of additional explanations, concepts and techniques of particular value to prospectors, and small miners.

  1. In Praise of the Gold Pan
  2. Gravity Concentration Methods
  3. Determining Assay Grades from Panned Gold
  4. Determining the Appropriate Assay Sample Size
  5. Determining the Gold Content of Nuggets
  6. Nugget Calculator Spreadsheet
  7. Metal Detector Performance Monitoring
  8. Modelling How Much Gold is Left in a Nugget Patch
  9. Loaming for Gold in the 21st Century.
  10. Native Title & Heritage Issues in Australia
  11. Rock Classification Simplified Schemes
  12. Secondary & Nugget Gold
  13. Cleaning Gold Nuggets
  14. Golden Retriever 2000 K9 Gold Detector
  15. Where to find gold in Western Australia
  16. The Nature of Gold
  17. Tenements & the Ownership of Minerals
  18. The JORC Code 2012
  19. The JORC Code Explained
  20. Prospector Safety & Survival Manual
About Author
Dr. Robert Fagan

Dr Fagan has been a geologist for over 45 years, and most recently, twenty years lecturing in all aspects of geology in the Department of Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology at the Western Australian School of Mines in Kalgoorlie, a division of Curtin University in Western Australia.

Dr Fagan has a PhD in geology and geochemistry and has a solid background in the geology of most parts of Australia and New Zealand and is the author of numerous technical articles, and papers and has run extensive courses on various aspects of geology and exploration geoscience to industry.

The author is an active prospector, leaseholder and small miner in WA and has a comprehensive knowledge of gold in the primary and secondary regolith environments.